no spend challenge 2023

A no spend challenge is a period of time in which you intentionally choose not to spend any unnecessary money. As I am five months away from moving and have benefited greatly from the no new clothes, I am motivated to extend my challenge to all unnecessary purchases. Here I lay out my goals, what is off limits, what is allowed, and a few minor exceptions for things already planned during the first few months of the year:

Out with the Old, In with the New

The word percolations is defined as the act of becoming active, lively, or spirited. The word wildflower in the urban dictionary is defined as a free spirit, uncultivated by mainstream, independent thinker. On Percolations of a Wildflower you will see my thoughts on the following: Mind, posts on books & teaching; Body, posts on fashion & wellness; Soul, posts on faith, food & homebody. In addition, I will bring you percolations of things I write about family, my past, music, movies & more.