Out with the Old, In with the New

After ten years in Idaho as Coffee Girl, it is time to say goodbye. Goodbye to Teach Like Friends, goodbye to all of the “one with the…” posts, goodbye to coffeegirlpercolations on Instagram, goodbye to C0FEGRL on Twitter, and goodbye to the COFEGRL license plate on my Mini Cooper.

I have found that I am more Coffee Woman than Coffee Girl and that sounds like a extremely silly super hero so I just need to drop that all right here. However, as the opening scene from Grease says, “is this the end? … Of course not. It’s only the beginning.” So, I will lay down CoffeeGirl.Blog to rest and I will pick up here, Percolations of a Wildflower.

The word percolations is defined as the act of becoming active, lively, or spirited. The word wildflower in the urban dictionary is defined as a free spirit, uncultivated by mainstream, independent thinker. On Percolations of a Wildflower you will see my thoughts on the following: Mind, posts on books & teaching; Body, posts on fashion & wellness; Soul, posts on faith, food & homebody. In addition, I will bring you percolations of things I write about family, my past, music, movies & more.

I am so excited to share with you all that I have in store for this new space. Feel free to subscribe to my blog to get new content delivered directly to your inbox.

Until next time,

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