Like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow. Not many people knew of her struggle, but eventually all knew of her light.”

~Nikki Rowe

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  • Day 20 : You Don’t Have to Stay the Same
    As Emily asks us to define the box (all those individual puddles) we’ve created for ourselves, I come to terms with the idea that I was made for more than just a puddle. Literally speaking, I am a beach dweller and am counting the days until I can live on an island. But figuratively speaking, I need more than just a puddle to live in. In fact, if multiple puddles began joining together I could create a place big enough for what God has planned for me to do!
  • Day 19 : Playtime
    There were times in my life I felt like I never had time for me. I ran myself empty and became extremely unhappy. Now I know I have 15 minutes here and there throughout the day to play! There is nothing else I should be doing during those times. I have noticed I am a happier, able to meet multiple challenges, and better equipped for changes that come my way.
  • Day 18 : Turndown Service
    I really want to do something special for my daughter this week. She is headed to sing in an All State Choir that she was selected for. She has been working so hard toward preparing for this event. Singing and music are her passion – I believe it is the reason in which she breathes. I do not think she reads these posts of mine, but she is on Instagram so she just might… so I will not share my ideas of creating delight for my family.
  • Day 17 : Making a House a Home
    My home; however, is anywhere I have access to my husbands warm hugs. In his arms, my soul is soothed. I can breathe in his scent of familiarity. I know that he is my person. He makes everything else in my world disappear.
  • Noonday Collection: Imperfect Courage
    In Imperfect Courage, Jessica challenges readers to: Leave perfect behind and embrace risk; Lift each other up and celebrate the success of others; Connect to community, both at home and worldwide; and Make a meaningful impact on the world around you.
  • Day 15 : Breath of Life
    I look forward to the increased amounts of concentration, sustained attention, and comfort this exercise will provide the classroom environment this year.

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Hi, I’m Jeanie. I am previously a stay at home mom and columnist writer, who became a full-time middle school reading teacher in 2019. When I am not teaching 6th graders, you can find me sipping a honey lavender latte while reading a historical fiction novel. This blog is for my love of food, books, slow fashion, wellness, and the art of teaching. Soon to be Galveston Islander (Summer 2023) cultivating a more simple & sustainable life at home and in the classroom.

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